TAMARA YADAO and JEREMY D. SLATER are an audiovisual performance duo. Their sound work uses field recordings, ambient noise and drones created with oscillators, guitars, radios, voice, and other objects. Their pieces often incorporate spoken word and traverse the sound spectrum between ambient and noise. Investigations include the collective experience of listening in the medium of radio, liminal relationships in sound juxtaposition and phonemic differentiation of sound and signifier. Both sound and video pieces are purposed for the single channel, multi-channel performance installation and improvisational performance.

Selected exhibitions and performances include Conflux Festival 2009, Devotion Gallery, FLOW at Front Room Gallery, Cube Considered at Monkeytown, NOISE!  Festival 2009 at the Ontological Theater, Recherche, a conference on the work of Marcel Proust at Stony Brook University and the Avant Ghetto Series at Zebulon.

Photo:  Maximus Clarke / parallaxcity.com