Corset Lore


Corset Lore ‘s song constructions lie at the intersection of baroque style, asian folklore, science fiction and underground music of the late 20th century.  She writes 8 bit compositions on a Game Boy DMG-01 and sometimes transmits these frequencies to multiple radios in installation for spatialized performance.  While playing guitar, she fancies electric toothbrushes and ebow to guitar plectra most of the time.  She has performed at Hackers on Planet Earth, I/O chip music showcase, Splice NYC, Vector Game Art Festival, the WARPER 7 year anniversary party, Ladies’ Night at Pulsewave NYC, 8static Festival – 5 Year Anniversary celebration and in collaboration with glomag at PAX East and Public Assembly.  Compilations include Starscream’s “Future, And It Doesn’t Work + Remixes” record, “Reformat: A Tribute to Bit Shifter’s Information Chase” on 8bitpeoples and ‘Pxl-Win’, a collaboration between Chiptunes=WIN and Pxl-Bot.  Her debut EP, Corset Lore was released by 8static in October 2013.

Photo:  Marjorie Becker /