Corset Lore


Corset Lore ‘s song constructions lie at the intersection of baroque style, exotic folklore, modernism, fantasy, science fiction and underground music of the late 20th century.  She writes 8 bit compositions on a Game Boy DMG-01 and sings.  She has performed her music at Hackers on Planet Earth, Brown University, MAGfest, I/O chip music, Trans-Pecos, Vector Festival, the WARPER 7 year anniversary party, Pulsewave NYC, 8static Festival – 5 Year Anniversary celebration and at PAX East.   Her debut EP, ‘Corset Lore’ was released on the 8static imprint in 2013 and she appears on compilations by 8bitpeoples and Pxl-Win.  Her upcoming release Graces and Furies will drop in the fall of 2016

Photo:  Marjorie Becker /